Volcano Update

Volcano Update

Hawaii’s Senior Volcanologist: ‘It’s absolutely safe to come to Hawaii Island’

A senior volcanologist and the Hawaii Tourism Authority emphasize that visitors do not have to change travel plans to the Big Island due to volcanic activity on its remote east side. Click here to read the article.

Aloha! As you have heard, the Kileaua Volcano has been erupting in recent weeks and our heart goes out to those on the island it has impacted. We want you to know, though, that this eruption poses zero threat to Konalani and your teacher training experience. For those of us living on the island, it is easy to realize when the news stations are giving incorrect information, which unfortunately has been daily. We are unable to compete with their sounds effects and graphics, lol, and can only provide simple facts and honest testimonials in order to attempt to keep the narrative straight. The local television station, Big Island TV, has been helping with this process. Please check them out on Facebook to get a more realistic glimpse of what’s happening here.

  • Hawaii’s Senior Volcanologist recently stated to media: “It’s absolutely safe to visit Hawaii.”
  • From the CNN article “Hawaiian vacation planned, but worried about air quality? Go”, the article writes”Should tourists who’d planned Hawaiian vacations cancel them? “No,” said Janice Nolen, an air pollution specialist and assistant vice president at the American Lung Association.” Click here to see the article.
  • An official quote from Hawaii Forest & Trail: “If you are staying in Kona or Waikoloa, chances are you will not notice anything different from previous visits to the island.” (Konalani Ashram is located in Kona, Hawaii)
  • An official quote from Hawaii Tourism Authority: “There is absolutely no reason at this time for travelers to change or alter their leisure or business plans.”
  • How big is the affected area? .003% of the island. The lava flow is only surfacing intermittently within a 10 square mile area. The Big Island is BIG, over 4,000 square miles. So that means that the lava is only directly affecting .003% of the island.
  • How far from Kona is it? It’s very far. The actual lava flow is over 125 miles away and separated by 3 major mountain ranges, some of the biggest in the world. The experience of this lava flow is the equivalent of living in San Diego and hearing about a forest fire 125 miles away in Los Angeles. According to Big Island Television even towns as close as 20 miles away such as Hilo are reporting that “accommodations and activities are unaffected by Kīlauea volcano.”  Kona is 5 times that distance, and again, separated from the flow by 3 major mountain ranges.

Konalani is literally the furthest point from the volcanic activity on the Big Island, and separated from the eruption by over 130 miles and three separate 14,000 ft. mountains.

There can be a decrease in air quality, which is usually only a problem for individuals who have severe asthmatic challenges. Government agencies have not reported an decrease in overall air quality for the island since the event though. Click here to see the source.

On another note, when the volcanic activity slows down, there can be opportunities to visit the lava flow, which is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity. No one knows when and if that will be available, but it is very much a possibility and something that unto itself is worth the trip!


Something that people often forget is that the lava flow is a special occurrence that can also mark a powerful time to be in Hawaii. The Goddess of the Hawaiian islands associated with the lava flow is Pele, and her presence on the island is actually what has made Hawaii a tourist destination for hundreds of years. Here’s a picture of Abhaya, one of your teacher training instructors, in front of the lava flow from a year ago as it poured into the ocean. An experience of a lifetime.


In any case, please let us know if you have any questions at all about this recent activity– we are more than happy to talk with you about it.

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