Training In Hawaii

Training In Hawaii

Big IslandRainforests

Cliffs and valleys to the North,volcanoes to the South, beaches to the West, and waterfalls to the East…Seriously.  Its the Big Island of Hawaii, and we know its a big part of the reason you are choosing Konalani for your training.  In all honesty, you have alot to learn in 21 days here, and a majority of your time will be spent in class, but those classes are outside on the yoga deck. Each day after lunch you have the opportunity to jump in the water, and there are also two full days off during your training to explore the more remote possibilities! 

Days Off  Most students choose to rent cars together and explore the Big Island, driving North to check out the world famous beaches and stopping for dinner and shopping at the Queens marketplace on the way home.  Or renting kayaks and snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay where the dolphins like to swim.  Others choose to stay close to home and shop and stroll through Historic Kona Town.  The possibilities are endless…

Not Too Big Island  The Ashram is about ten minutes from Historic downtown Kailua Kona, with excellent shopping, restaurants, and activities. Further North are the world famous white sand beaches, some more hidden than others.  Far to the North are rugged cliffs and valleys, worn deep by the surf and time.  To the East is Hilo, filled with waterfalls and lush rainforest vegetation.  And finally to the South we have the active volcano, Kilauea.

So Much to See  You may want to prepare ahead of time and find out where you want to explore with your free days.  We recommend the book “The Big Island Revealed” to learn more about the island before your stay.

Note: Due to the recent activity of Kilauea Volcano, air quality (Vog) may be an issue for people with respiratory problems. Please refer to volcano national park website, or consult your physician, for more information.

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