200-Hour Segmented Training

200-Hour Segmented Training

Time is on your side!

Yes it is!


Do you want to take a teacher training but just can’t find 3 full weeks off to do it? That is exactly why we created the 200 Hour Segmented Training, to give you this life-changing opportunity at a pace your life can afford.

How it works:

You can take Konalani’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in approximately eight separate 2-day segments. You can take as few or as many of the segments as you like at your own pace during each teacher training we offer until you graduate.

For example…

During one teacher training you may take the first 2-day segment- which would cover foundational concepts of yoga and standing asanas- and then return to your normal life until the next training period.  6 weeks later, during our next teacher training, you would pick up where you left off and take the second segment which would cover forward bends and twists. If your time allowed, you might even take segment 3, twists and backbends, and segment 4, inversions and balance. On the other hand, if your life got too busy, you could wait an entire year to begin your next segment, it’s totally up to you. Your training day would begin before sunrise with the rest of your trainees, with personal practice and meditation, and continue till evening meditation, ending around 5-5:30 pm.


For additional information…

For information concerning your course curriculum and daily schedule,
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