200 Hr. Level 1 Training

200 Hr. Level 1 Training

A Next Level Training for All Level Yogis!

  • Transform your Yoga Practice: Small class sizes, hands-on workshops, core-based alignment, 21st century teaching techniques, professional text books, workbooks and worksheets…Everything you need for the personal transformation you’re seeking.
  • Vibrate Your Spirit: Ancient and powerful lineage-based meditation techniques, cooling and effective pranayama (breathing) exercises, big-hearted community living, sacred arts and so much more to revitalize your spirit from the inside out.
  • Breathe Aloha: Outdoor yoga deck and dining area, hot tub, private outdoor showers, a short walk to the ocean or world class adventure… let the Aloha spirit captivate you!

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A Setting for your Spirit

180 degrees of ocean, the majestic Bodhisattva tree, and birds singing… The open air Yoga Deck is one of the most awe-inspiring settings you will ever find for your 200 hour Hawaii yoga teacher training.

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Core-Based Alignment.

Alignment begins from within. Learning to activate deep core musculature is the key to realizing true alignment in any posture. You can’t get this from a book, or online course, you need to feel it to believe it.

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Un-limit your Learning Potential.

By utilizing multiple teaching modalities and skillfully integrating advanced technology into the classroom, we are re-defining what’s possible in a 200-hour training.

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A Vibrant Meditation Tradition

Over 150 years of Meditation mastery in the Shambhava Yoga Lineage ensures that the practices your learn here will have roots that will bear fruit for in the context of your life.

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Devoted Experienced Teachers

This isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle.
Your teachers at Konalani are real practitioners who live the life they teach.


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Sacred Art from the Heart

Meditation and the Yogic Lifestyle lead to a natural overflowing of the creative spirit! You’ll take part in art during your training through jewelry making with real saws, solder, and silver!

Art in Your Training >

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Dive into your Daily Schedule

We get more done before 10:30 AM than most people do in a day. Really!

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A training program for everyone, but not just anyone! Fill out the application and we’ll give you a call to make sure we are the right program for you.

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Questions? Ask via email, or request a call back.

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