Meditation & Philosophy

Meditation & Philosophy


The goals of meditation will  not be finished in your three week training with us, they are a lifelong pursuit.  Our goal is to help you establish a regular and whole hearted meditation practice that you will continue to cultivate at home, in your daily life, and as a yoga teacher.

Big Picture  Hatha Yoga is just one part of the ancient system of Yoga that has been practiced for thousands of years. In Hatha Yoga, we practice physical postures with yogic discipline to surrender or deeply release mental, emotional, and physical tensions. Hatha Yoga is the foundation for the deeper practice of meditation. Your Hatha Yoga practice will help to open you physically and energetically, allowing for a rich meditation experience, which was its original intention.

30 Minutes Each day we sit for 30 minutes of meditation in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.  You will have the opportunity to practice many forms of yoga and meditation during your training.  Sanskrit chanting, breath awareness techniques, mantra repetition, devotional chanting, visualization, self reflection, and others.

Skillfull  The practices of the Shambhava tradition are not meant for a cave, isolated from everyday life.  What you learn on the meditation cushion will give you tools to work with your mind, open your heart, and surrender tensions and emotions so you can move skillfully through your life, teach from a place of real depth, and grow.

When the mind becomes less agitated you begin to experience pure consciousness, or the witness state. You begin to identify with the witness of all experience and activity. This witness is perfectly quiet, perfectly content, and dwells in perfect truth and bliss. This is an experience of your true nature.

— H.H. Sri Shambhavananda

Founder of the Shambhava School of Yoga

Meditation Techniques and Philosophical Topics Covered

  • Mantra, Breath, and Heart meditation
  • The Yogic View of the Mind
  • Sanskrit (the language of yoga)
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Vedic Fire Ceremony
  • Kirtan (devotional chanting)
  • Seva (selfless service)

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