Daily Classes

Daily Classes

5 Acres of Peace

10 Minutes from town


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Just 10 minutes South of downtown Kailua Kona, yet surrounded by 5 acres of paradise with a breath taking ocean view. Take the plunge and experience the difference of Shambhava Yoga. (Class descriptions below the calendar)



 Image 4-24-15 at 3.11 PM



Weekly Ongoing classes: See Google Calendar above for Class times.

lotus 11Mixed Levels Yoga

Outdoors, overlooking the ocean on our covered yoga deck, Shambhava Yoga will activate your alignment and inspire you to work consciously in every pose.  This 1.5 hour class begins with thorough warmups, followed by asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises), and a brief meditation. This isn’t booty yoga, or hot yoga, its the ancient tradition of using the practice of asana to open your heart, calm your mind, and eventually change your life from the inside out!

$15 for a single class / $12 a class with a 6-Class card
*Bring your own mat, or rent a mat from us for $3.


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Kirtan & Meditation

Kirtan is the joyous path of chanting mantra to music. Our band will lead you on a journey of devotional chanting, effortlessly drawing your attention inside and opening you heart. It’s also a time to practice and connect with your fellow yogic community, followed by dessert and time to talk story. $10 Suggested Donation.



RSVP REQUIRED for classes listed below


lotus 7Vedic Fire Ceremony

This may be the most ancient practice of yoga. The Vedic Fire Ceremony consists of chanting mantra while offering rice into a sacred fire. Practitioners of Shambhava Yoga Konalani have been initiated into this practice and empowered to take others along the journey. It is a sacred, powerful, and transformational experience. You are invited to join us for this sacred practice every Saturday morning at 5:30amRSVP is required.



lotus 5Morning Mantra & Meditation: The Guru Gita Practice

A primary practice in the Shambhava Yoga tradition, the Guru Gita is a 182 verse mantra chanted each morning at 5:30am to honor our highest potential, known in Yoga as the Guru. The Guru is the manifest teacher that guides students along the path of growth, as well as our own inner teacher and light guiding us from within. You are invited to join us for this sacred practice Monday-Friday at 5:30amRSVP is required.


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Tibetan Healing Practice: The Medicine Buddha

The Medicine Buddha practice is a healing practice, using Tibetan mantras to allow healing energy to flow through us to all of humanity and also to those who are the focus of our attention. Meditation teacher Satyam was empowered with this practice 6 years ago and will be guiding it at the Ashram. You are invited to join us for this sacred practice every Sunday morning at 5:30am. RSVP is required.


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1-Hour Private Yoga & Meditation Instruction

The staff at Konalani lead internationally attended Hatha Yoga and Meditation Training Programs and would love to help our local community experience the joys that these practices can bestow. $49 per session, bring a friend for an additional $10.

click here and  send us an email with your times of availability, and some ideas of what you would like to focus on in your session time.