Shambhava Yoga was one of the first yoga teacher trainings in the country. We have guided thousands of seekers along the yogic path in the past 25 years, constantly evolving and refining our curriculum.

We have integrated technology to make learning more efficient, developed workbooks and teaching exercises to address more learning styles in the classroom, and continue to ask ourselves ‘how can we make it better?’, ‘how can we communicate this material even more efficiently?’

All with the goal of helping you have the most fulfilling training possible– to have a deeper experience of your asanas, a calmer mind in meditation, and a clearer picture of how you can bring the yogic lifestyle home with you.

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How it breaks down

hours breakdown

  • Every day begins and ends with a 30-minute guided meditation practice. Meditation is at the heart of our lineage and we strive to bring it into everything we do. There are also weekly Satsangs with Sri Shambhavananda (question and answer periods) to ask questions you may have about your spiritual practice.
  • You will learn how to stretch, breathe, and work in each of the 42 fundamental asanas of beginning yoga through  hands-on workshops and personal attention from your instructor. Each day focuses on a new family of asanas, which you study in the evening and practice teach the following morning.
  • You will practice-teach fellow students every single day of your teacher training. We feel it’s imperative because it’s the most effective way to learn.
  • Accompanying every asana section is the anatomy relating to those asanas, ensuring that your understanding of anatomy will always be rooted in a genuine physical experience.
  • You will create a full-body warmup based on anatomical principles and creative movements. You will have the opportunity to practice teach this warm up multiple times, as well as receive personalized feedback from your course instructors on how to refine and improve it.
  • You will learn how to properly practice and teach 5 powerful pranayama (breathing) exercises that will strengthen your ability to breathe fully and deeply, as well as connect your awareness to the pranic energy within the breath.
  • Your training leaders will instruct you in the 3 primary meditation practices of the Shambhava Tradition: Heart, Mantra, and Breath-based meditation.
  • Each day you also participate in 30 minutes of Karma Yoga, selfless service. This practice helps you bridge the gap between the meditation cushion and your life. You will also do sacred arts and crafts projects that bring the teachings to life in fun and practical ways.
  • The second half of your training motivates you to reach deeper inside with exercises and techniques that help you ‘teach from inside’, one of the most fundamental characteristics of the Shambhava Tradition.
  • You will learn the art of sequencing known as Vinyasa. You will also receive insightful worksheets that teach you the internal structure of class planning, accelerating your potential as a professional teacher.
  • The second half of your training also opens the door to physical and verbal adjustments, teaching off the mat, improvisational teaching, Ayurveda, in-depth philosophy discussions, and more.
  • You will leave with 6 Classes that are ready to teach immediately.
  • Click here to see a sample daily schedule

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Your Textbook

  • Your official training manual is a life-long learning resource. With comprehensive explanations of all the postures, anatomy, sanskrit, and Ayurveda, you will be utilizing this 300-page full-color manual as a resource for years after your training is complete.

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Interactive Presentations

digital interactive presentations

  • This isn’t your average lecture. Your teachers utilize interactive on-screen presentations with wireless technology, allowing them to move more freely through the classroom and interact readily with students. The materials are colorful, engaging, and most importantly, comprehendible for all learning styles.


tech mao

  • Your asana workshops are documented and shared with you daily via a private cloud storage system that allows you to reflect on your personal alignment in each pose as you study that evening.
  • This is the next level of teacher training, utilizing all of today’s resources to help you learn most effectively.

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Presentation Workbook

konalani workbook

  • Accompanying the interactive on-screen lectures is a ‘presentation’ manual with all of the slides and information presented. We encourage students to write, draw, and takes notes all over this fun book. This manual also includes refined worksheets that simplify complex class planning strategies and make you a great teacher in no time!


If you are seeking a yoga training that will transform your experience of Yoga both physically and mentally throug a comprehensive 21st century approach that reaches to all learning styles, it’s time to apply!