Asana Re-Wired

Asana Re-Wired

“I didn’t know what yoga was until now– this is the next level of asana practice.”
-Serap A., Switzerland

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you are pointed in the right direction. We all have our own unique misalignments. It doesn’t matter if your spine curves forward, backward, or to the side– a focused asana practice can bring it back into balance. 
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Practice Over Time = Growth!

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Your yoga teacher training is the beginning of a journey– the journey of using your asana practice to re-align your body and mind. To become a skillful teacher, you have to learn about your own body first, your personal practice is the foundation. That’s why your 200 hour yoga teacher training throughly introduces, workshops, and adjusts you in all 45 foundational level 1 poses– making you a teacher worth following!

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Get Core-dinated!

core-dinationThe core can be an overwhelming concept, but learning to use your core in asana practice is just a matter of practice.And the foundation of all movement starts with the core. Coordinating your stretch with an active core (Core-dination) requires proper instruction, focus, and repetition– And once you feel it, you’ll never want to go back.

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“I was thoroughly transformed in this training.”
-Tania P., Canada

Activation Diptic

As your “Core-dination” improves, your experience of asana will transform from the inside out. Training after training after training, students keep telling us they can’t believe what they’ve been “missing” in their practice. Its incredible to watch, but even more amazing to experience. 

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On and Off the Mat.

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This training isn’t just for the mat, it’s for you! As your body awareness improves, so will the way you stand, sit, and move. This enhanced ability flows seamlessly into your life as you interact with your world more efficiently. Think Big!

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And that’s just the beginning.

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Shambhava Yoga is so much more than core muscles and alignment. Your yogic lifestyle in the ashram, coupled with whole-hearted daily pranayama and meditation practice will uncover new horizons in your practice. Horizons that can only be experienced inside your own practice.

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