Art in your training

Art in your training

Art has always been at the core of Shambhava Yoga because when you meditate and live simply, art flows naturally from you!

Welcome to the Art Barn

The “Art Barn” is Konalani’s most recent labor of love.  The Shambhava Yoga community came together in 2018 to create an amazing space for art and creativity. Over 75 pallets were deconstructed, painted, and nailed to the walls to create the warm  aesthetic atmosphere. New hardwood tables were installed for jewelry work, and large hardwood tables for soldering and finishing work. One entire side of the barn is open air, to let in the Hawaii breeze. It’s the best of all worlds.


Rudraksha Malas

During the first week of your training you’ll make a Rudraksha wrist mala to use for meditation practice. The Rudraksha seed is the ‘prayer bead’ of yoga and associated with the deity Shiva. The seeds are harvested by hand from the ashram trees, then sanded and drilled. You personalize the mala with precious stones of your choice, making it even more special.

Bling Ring!

Ring making just makes you smile, it’s that simple. Find your size and pick out the pattern of your choice from our selection of real silver. Solder the ends, pound the ring into a circle and buff it till it shines. Now get ready to smile every time it catches your eye for years to come.

Hand Carved Pendants

No experience necessary! You’ll amaze yourself at what’s possible with a square of metal and a saw. Check out some of these student’s creations…

Aloha Style

Earrings and bracelets

Jai Ganesh!

What will you create?!

It’s amazing what’s possible when you live the yogic life. We look forward to creating something new with you!