About Shambhava Yoga

About Shambhava Yoga

“You are not far from the state of
pure Truth,  pure Consciousness, and pure Bliss that you are seeking. Even when you are in your darkest hour it is very close to you.”

-Sri Shambhavananda,
founder of Shambhava Yoga™

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ride the wave

Learn how to ‘Ride the Wave’!

The living practices of Shambhava Yoga will teach you how to focus your mind,
open your heart, and ride the waves of your life with grace and speed!

Through asana, meditation, and a balanced yogic lifestyle, Shambhava Yoga has been teaching people how to work and grow from the challenges of their life for the past 40 years. With authentic and ancient practices, a community of practitioners, and a living teacher, this is not a passing fad.  It takes work, it takes time, but it also takes you on the ride of your life, and the rewards are cosmic.

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History of Shambhava Yoga

In 1975, Sri Shambhavananda led a small group of yogis to Boulder, Colorado. They opened the first vegetarian restaurant in the area and named it in honor of their teacher, Swami Rudrananda. For them, the restaurant was more than just an eatery; it was an arena for their growth. Sri Shambhavananda taught them how to use the challenges of running the restaurant to grow spiritually. Living, meditating, and working together they flourished.

The success of the restaurant, and later a bakery, afforded the small dedicated bunch their dream of building a yoga ashram; a place where people could go to experience the yogic tradition through nourishing retreats, asana practice, meditation, and seva (selfless service).

At a time in America when yoga’s popularity outshines its original purpose, Shambhava Yoga stands as a living example of timeless teachings in a present-day practice. Sri Shambhavananda inspires students to combine hard work with heart work and use the practice of meditation to rise above, and grow from, the challenges of everyday life.

Shambhava Yoga ashrams and affiliate centers are run by gifted and dedicated practitioners who use the practice to grow and improve their lives. Each center has been given the blessing of Sri Shambhavananda to pass on the teachings of the lineage under his guidance. Visit one to learn how you can live the practice and love your life with Shambhava Yoga.

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Shambhava Yoga Konalani

When you step foot onto Konalani’s lanai and see the glittering Pacific Ocean in front of you, you can’t help but breathe a deep sigh of Aloha. The Hawaiian sun on your skin, the smell of plumeria in the air, and outdoors amenities to enjoy it all, Konalani is the fruition of decades of hard work and spiritual practice by the Shambhava community. It is truly a treasure to behold.

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Shambahva Yoga Shoshoni

For the past 25 years, Shoshoni has introduced thousands of individuals to the incredible possibilities of a yogic lifestyle through yoga retreats and teacher trainings. It is an inviting and lively ashram and spiritual retreat center located 8,800 feet above Boulder, Colorado. Shoshoni’s beautiful grounds are home to solar greenhouses, organic gardens, sustainably-heated cabins, three temples filled with sacred art, and miles of hiking trails—all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.


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Shambhava Yoga Eldorado

Set against a backdrop of majestic canyon walls just south of Boulder, Colorado, Shambhava Yoga Eldorado is a lively ashram and family yoga center. Offering weekly meditation classes with founder, Sri Shambhavanda, as well as yoga classes and trainings, ecstatic kirtan, workshops and youth camps, Eldorado will fill your heart with the nourishment that only a sangha could provide.

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