Ashram Setting

Ashram Setting

“I wanted more than ‘fast-food yoga’. I wanted it to encompass meditation, a spiritual component, along with asana and anatomy…Now I leave inspired to incorporate meditation and pranayama in my daily life and know that I’m connected with the Shambhava sangha.”

-Brigitte Parker | White Horse, Yukon


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Can’t Buy Me Love

An ashram isn’t something you can buy or build overnight. Its something that is cultivated over time, through the devoted practice and hard work of individuals putting aside their personalities to create a place where everyone can come and be nourished. Yoga Teacher Training at Konalani is more than just 42 asanas and a pretty Hawaiian sunset. It’s an opportunity to open your heart in a sincerely spiritual setting.



The Simple Life

Wake up with the sun. Stretch and meditate. Eat, work, and eat again. Meditate as the sun sets. Sleep, wake, and repeat…Hawaii is known across the world for it’s warm embrace and Aloha attitude, and when you combine it with the uncomplicated lifestyle of an ashram, you have a remarkable experience. Let go of drama, embrace Brahma!


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Re-Discover Each Other!

Have you been so busy that you’ve forgotten the joys of sharing meals with a group of friends? Of staying up late with study-buddies and laughing till it hurts about something that won’t actually make sense in the morning? Community is the heartbeat of Shambhava Yoga. In Sanskrit community is called ‘Sangha’, and it’s so important to maintaining a spiritual practice that it’s considered one of the three jewels of life. Come to Konalani and see the beauty of a living breathing spiritual community that will support and inspire your growth!

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