Sample Daily Schedule

Sample Daily Schedule


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali say that regularity and discipline are key elements to a yogic lifestyle.  Sri Shambhavananda, the founder of the Shambhava School of Yoga, also says that regularity is our greatest strength.  A daily schedule is like a container, without it the teachings fall through and become lost, but with it the teachings and rewards of practice remain and you start to grow and grow. Each day at Konalani begins before sunrise and ends after sunset, but the momentum of the group and the fullness of the experience makes it all possible.

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*Schedule is subject to change

5:30 am Yoga, Chanting, and Meditation

Each Day begins with light stretching, sometimes practice teaching time, sanskrit chanting (as the training progresses), and meditation

7:00 am Breakfast

Yes, we serve Coffee! As well as eggs, pancakes,croissants, fruits, nuts, yogurts, granolas, and more.

7:30 am Seva (Selfless Service)

Selfless service is an amazing way to deepen your practice.  Its also a chance to give back to the ashram.  Activities range from cleaning, to weeding, to chopping wood.

8:30 am Hatha Yoga/Workshop Class

Time to practice what you’re learning with an hour and a half of hatha yoga, pranayama, a little meditation, and of course Savasana! Other days we jump right into your Asana, Anatomy and Yoga Workshops.

12:30 pm Lunch & Break

Vegetarian meals cooked from the heart. A ride to the beach, or time to relax at the ashram, afterwards.

1:30 pm Asana and Anatomy Workshop

Working into the asanas, asking questions, getting feedback, practice teaching.

 4:30 pm Philosophy

The study and discussion of various meditation and pranayama practices in our Shrine.

5:30 pm Meditation

Guided Meditation in the Shambhava Tradition from Faculty instructors.

6:00 pm Dinner

Another delicious vegetarian home cooked meal!

9:00 pm Closing time

You don’t gotta go to bed, but you’ll probably want to.